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Membrane TM2580H


1. Machine frame is made up of 6 whole pieces of armor plates excavated and processed which are 25mm without deformation.
2. Running of working table takes chains companied frequency transformer; starting in low speed, running high and low speed to end, which prevent the work piece moving.
3.“DELTA” PLC controller is used for operation system, and touch-screen automatically convenient to control.
4. Vacuum pump Made in China with Germany technology straight-through theory, good working, and easy maintenance.
5. Take “Schneider”0910,2510 contactor, “Weider miller” intermediate relay , and “DELTA” DVP-32ESO. Others take Chinese.
6.With theory of plug-in mounting, Taiwan “Compass” hydraulic system run promptly with large capacity, and seldom break down, use 5 s to load hydraulic pressure which improve working efficiency.


Model TM2580H
Exterior size 10030×2230 mm×2150 mm
Working plate size 2580mm×1320mm(INNNER SIZE)
Maximum plate size 50mm
Rating working pressure Positive press ≤0.6 Mpa
Negative press ≥-0.095Mpa
General Power 64kw
Actual power consumption 16-18kw
Weight 12.6 T
Top temperature 150°C
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